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Community House Softball

Regular Season Fall 2015
Fall 2015 x Regular Season

Tryout Results

Thank you to all who tried out. The 2017 Softball team is as follows:

  1. Campbell, S.
  2. Christensen, M.       
  3. Gupta, A.      
  4. Jarrett, T.        
  5. Johnson, P.           
  6. McKee, G.       
  7. Motrynczuk, B.     
  8. Ortiz, A.
  9. Silcora, C.            
  10. Martinko, A.
  11. Rajkumar, R.

Please respond by email within 24 hours to accept your spot. First practice is Monday, September 11. Email:

Thank you to everyone who tried out. Please feel free to stop by C8 for tips and information about how you can improve your skills. 7th graders, we hope you will tryout again next year :)

-Coach Carter

- Coach Clark

-Coach Fletcher 

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    Team Information

    Tiffany Carter

    Head Coach

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