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Tryout Information

Fall 2017 Tryout Schedules

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CHEER: Try-outs will be after school on Thursday,September 28th and Monday, October 2nd after school until 5:45pm. PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE WILL BE NO TRYOUTS WEDNESDAY,SEPTEMBER 27th OR FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 29th , it has been rescheduled for Monday. All Students are encouraged to see Mr. Blumenstetter prior to tryouts to ensure ALL paperwork is handed in and PROPERLY filled out PRIOR to tryouts. If not, students will not be able to tryout... PARENTS/GUARDIANS ARE PROHIBITED FROM ATTENDING TRY-OUTS...

*There will be a MANDATORY PARENT MEETING for students that make the team on Wednesday, October 4th at 5:30 pm in the Cafeteria. 



The earliest possible day of tryouts for ALL FALL SPORTS is Tuesday, September 5th. Tryouts will be immediately after school, but end times may vary depending on sport.  Please stay tuned here and when school begins for specific end times.

Required Pre-Participation Forms for Tryouts include:

All paperwork MUST be turned in to Mr. Blumenstetter or Front Office NO LATER than the beginning of the day on Tuesday,September 5th.  It is preferred that all packets are turned in by FRIDAY, September 1st.  Forms are also available in the Front Office.

  • CMS Athletic Pre-Participation Form ( Health Insurance filled out and Physical/medical History signed,stamped and dated by physician signifying athlete is "Fully Cleared" or "Partially Cleared" w/Restrictions Stated
  • Concussion Statement Form
  • Honor Code Form
  • Notice and Release Form (football only)
  • Notice and Release Form (all other sports)


*An attached physical will be accepted as long as it is within a year of the entire sports season and marked "Fully Cleared". Medical Insurance still needs to be filled out on the pre-participation form.



  • Once first cuts are made,students CANNOT begin trying out for the team UNLESS they were absent from school during the initial tryouts and have all completed paperwork the day they return.
  • Try out specific information will be handed to students at sign ups to inform them on what is needed, assessed, expected, and details on the process.
  • Coaches reserve the right to closed tryout sessions. No photography or filming is permitted at try outs. Any of those in violation will be asked to leave.
  • Physicals are valid for 1 year. Students may use their Primary Healthcare provider, or if insurance has calendar limitations, are suggested to use the CVS Minute Clinic with no appointment for an approximate out of pocket fee of $40.
  • Contact Bob Blumenstetter with any individual questions/inquiries.

Responsibilities of Parents and Student-Athletes

• Must adhere to all North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (DPI) and CMS athletic eligibility regulations.

• Must sign all CMS required athletic eligibility participation forms.

• Must provide proof of medical or accident insurance.

• Must pay the participation fee ($50 per sport season) or meet the waiver criteria when named to the team roster. The participation fee does not guarantee playing time.

• Must receive a medical examination each year (365 days) by a duly licensed physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant.

• Must attend a required pre-season meeting at the school prior to the sport season (fall, winter, spring).

• Must not accept prizes, merchandise, money or any item that can be exchanged for money as a result of athletic participation.

• May not, as an individual or as a team, practice during the school day or on a Saturday or Sunday.

• Official school sponsored camps are not permitted by CMS.  Summer training is the responsibility of the student/parents.  For conditioning/preparation ideas please feel free to contact the sports coach with inquires. 

Academic Eligibility Requirements

Only students in grades 7-12 may participate in interscholastic athletic competition (State Board of Education Regulation).No student may be eligible to participate at the middle school level for a period lasting longer than four (4) consecutive semesters beginning with the student’s entry into the seventh grade. The principal shall have evidence of the date of each player’s entry into the seventh grade and monitor the four (4) consecutive semesters. In order to qualify for public school participation, a student must meet the following requirements, but is not limited to the following requirements:

7th Grade

• A student who is promoted from the sixth grade to the seventh grade
automatically meets the GPA, attendance and minimum load
eligibility requirements for the first semester.

• Must have earned a 2.0 GPA from previous semester (beginning second
• Must have passed a minimum load of work during the previous semester
(beginning second semester) *
• Must be currently enrolled in at least one-half of the minimum academic
course load
• Must be in attendance at school for at least one-half of the instructional day
• May participate at the school where he/she is enrolled
• Shall not participate if he/she becomes 15 years of age on or before
August 31 of said school year

8th Grade

• Must meet local promotion standards
• Must have earned a 2.0 GPA from previous semester 
• Must have passed a minimum load of work during the previous semester *
• Must be currently enrolled in at least one-half of the minimum academic
course load
• Must be in attendance at school for at least one-half of the instructional day
• May participate at the school where he/she is enrolled
• Shall not participate if he/she becomes 15 years of age on or before
August 31 of said school year

Exceptional Children
(Grades 7-12)

• The 2.0 eligibility rule will be waived if (1) I.E.P. goals are being met;
(2) satisfactory progress is being made in mainstreamed classes, and
(3) has the principal’s recommendation.

*Middle School: A minimum load is defined as passing six out of eight courses in the A/B format of block scheduling during the traditional school day.