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Garinger Athletic Tutoring Program

To help keep our athletes academically eligible we have a tutoring program. Please see link below for information about the program and the link for the google form for teachers to fill out when athletes complete their tutoring hours. 

Tutoring Site

Google Form - Tutoring Hours

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Interested In playing sports at the G?

1. Complete the TICKET TO PLAY (if not already done). 
2. Turn in a physical if not already one file with athletic director.  

3. Turn in two proofs of residency that are within 30 days. You need one from group A and one from group B.

Group A

• Copy of Deed OR record of most recent mortgage statement
• Copy of full Lease (including Charlotte Housing Authority and HUD leases) and proof of most recent payment if the lease is outdated or month-to-month
• HUD Closing Statement
• Residency Affidavit from landlord affirming tenancy AND record of most recent rent payment, if applicable
• Affidavit of Residence and Student Hardship Status
• Section 8 agreement • Letter from approved agency (group & foster home purposes only)

Group B

A utility bill or work order dated within the past 30 days, including:
• Gas bill
• Telephone bill
• Water bill
• Cable bill
• Electric bill - OR - - OR - Dated within the past 60 days: Dated within the past year:
• Payroll stub
• W-2 form
• Bank or credit card statement
• Vehicle tax bill
• Property tax bill
• Medicaid Card


Online registration will go live June 1st. Click the ticket to play banner and make sure all tabs are completed. 

Physicals - Any physical that is more than 395 days old is considered expired and a new physical will have to be on file with the athletic director in order for your athlete to continue participating in athletics. 

Booster Club

Dear GHS Family,

My name is Art Malorzo and I am the new Athletic Director at Garinger High School.  I’m excited to work closely with the community, coaches, students, and parents of GHS to strengthen and grow our athletics program.  One of the best resources I have encountered while serving as an Athletic Director has been a Booster Club and I am excited to tell you we have one up and running here at Garinger We are always looking for people who are willing to serve on the board or general members.  While the Booster Club serves mainly as a fundraiser for our athletics program to fill in the gaps in our allotted CMS budget, it can also be a great resource to build the feeling of community in our school.  The clubs I have worked with in the past have been able to provide practice gear, water bottles, balls, nets, maintenance equipment, and other items that our coaches requested, while also creating relationships with staff and students. Please contact me if you are willing to volunteer some of your time to work on the board, or if you know of any community resources that would be a good fit for our Booster Club. 


 If interested please see willingness to serve form below and email Art Malorzo at 

I look forward to working together!

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    We would love to hear from you!  If you have photos, articles, announcements that you would like to be posted on the site, please email the Athletic Director

    School Information

    Athletic Director: Art Malorzo

    Address: 1100 Eastway Drive
    Charlotte, NC 28205
    Directions to GHS


    Phone: 980-343-6450
    Fax: 980-343-1475


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