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Class Schedules & 2nd Semester Eligibility

By David Casavecchia, 07/31/20, 9:30AM EDT


Que Tucker visited a city-county AD Zoom meeting on Thursday and discussed possible 2020-21 sport season scenarios, all which remain scenarios. And, it appears no definitive decision will be communicated in the very immediate future. Please read below a scenario that would impact 2nd semester athletic eligibility.

In the event the state delays all sport seasons until later in the school year resulting in all sport competitions stretching into second semester… (NOTE: this is an IF that were to happen), then all student-athletes (fall, winter & spring sports) would have to be academically eligible in 2nd semester, which is based on their 1st semester coursework.

We always have seniors that sign up for only two (2) courses in the fall semester.  Normally a student who only plays a fall sport (FB, VB, XC, Boys Soccer, Girls Tennis) would be fine doing this.  However, if all sports get moved to the Spring then any student-athlete who is not enrolled in at least 3 semester-long courses will not be eligible to play sports in the 2nd semester. Students must take and pass at least three (3) semester-long courses. We do not want any student-athlete to learn in November or December that they are ineligible to participate because they simply did not enroll in enough courses.

CMS continues to evaluate options for enabling a safe return to athletic activities. We recognize the benefits of athletic participation for student athletes, and it is our desire to have our coaches and student athletes return to preparation and competition when we are confident it is safe and practical to do so.