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Wells Fargo Presents at Harding University High School Athletics Symposium

08/09/2017, 10:00am EDT
By Staff

Harding University High School in Charlotte, NC hosted an athletics symposium for fall student-athletes on Tuesday evening. As part of the program, Wells Fargo was asked to speak to students about budgeting and financial planning as part of their Financial Literacy Program.


The purpose of the Financial Literacy Program is to educate teens on resources they can use now to start saving their money for a better future. Through the Hands-On Banking Program, it helps to change the mindset of students from spending much of their money on material items to, instead, managing and saving their money.


Wells Fargo presented students from Harding with information about hands on banking for young adults. With a specific focus on budgeting, athletes and parents were able to engage in topics such as: using your budget plan to see exactly where your money goes, using online tools to track expenses and monitor accounts, paying bills on time to avoid fees and how a good budgeting plan can put you in control of your money.


The Hands-On Banking Program is designed to help make you an excellent money manager. Studying the lessons carefully could put these athletes on their way to a money-bright future!


For more information about Wells Fargo and their partnership with CMS, click here.

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