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CMS Athletics Weekly Round Up

09/25/2017, 11:45am EDT
By Staff

CMS football teams completed their first week of conference play last Friday night with a total of 11 match-ups on the night. Mallard Creek, North Meck and Myers Park continued their undefeated season records with wins on the night. For a full recap of scores, read below. To see a list of overall standings on the season, click here


Friday, September 22

Porter Ridge def. East Meck, 31-28

East Meck dropped their third straight games to Porter Ridge last week. The Golden Eagles scored four touchdowns on the night, but were unable to edge out their opponent. The team drops to 2-3 on the season, 0-1 in conference play.


Harding def. West Meck, 45-21

Harding bounced back from their first loss of the season two weeks ago with a 24 point victory of West Meck. The team moves to 4-1 on the season while West Meck drops to 4-2.


Mallard Creek def. Vance, 27-13

Mallard Creek won their fifth straight game of regular season play last Friday night over Vance, 27-13. The Mavericks advance to 5-0 on the season while Vance moves to 3-2.


North Meck def. Mooresville, 21-0

North Meck remains undefeated after the shut-out win over Mooresville last week. This was the Viking first shut-out win of the season. The team advances to 5-0 on the season, 1-0 in conference play.


Hough def. Hopewell, 51-8

Hough secured their first conference win of the season over Hopewell, 51-8. The Huskies advance their record to a positive 3-2 on the season. Hopewell will continue to search for their first win of the season as they are scheduled to take on Vance next week.


Butler def. Rocky River, 16-0

Butler earned their first conference win of the season last Friday night with a shut-out win over Rocky River. The win advances the Bulldogs to an overall record of 3-1. Rocky River will continue to work toward their first conference win next Friday night with a tough match-up vs. undefeated Myers Park.


Hickory Ridge def. Independence, 30-15

Independence suffered their first conference lost last week to undefeated Hickory Ridge. The team drops to 1-4 on the season as they prep to face off against East Meck next week.


Providence def. Ardrey Kell, 43-13

Providence made a come back this week after a tough loss two weeks ago. The team scored 43 points on the night compared to Ardrey Kell’s 13. Providence advances their record to 4-2 on the season. Ardrey Kell will head back to the drawing board as the team will look to secure their first conference win next week.


Myers Park def. Garinger, 51-0

Myers Park earned their third shut-out win of the season over conference competitor Garinger last Friday night. The Mustangs remain undefeated on the season at 5-0, 1-0 in conference play. Garinger, who earned a record-breaking win two weeks ago, will prep for Hickory Ridge in just a few days.


Olympic def. Berry, 52-41

Olympic secured their first conference win last Friday night with an 11 point victory over Berry. The teams advances to an overall record of 3-2 while Berry drops to 1-4.


West Charlotte def. Lake Norman, 24-21

West Charlotte snagged their first I-Meck conference win last week with a three-point victory over Lake Norman. The win will advance the teams overall record to 3-2 and 1-0 in conference play.

Men's Soccer

CMS men’s soccer teams completed week six of regular season play last week as many teams competed in tough conference match-ups. If you missed any of the action, read below for a list of scores from last week!


Monday, September 18

  • Mallard Creek def. West Charlotte, 5-1
  • North Meck def. Hopewell, 3-0
  • Hough def. Lake Norman, 7-1
  • Mooresville def. Vance, 9-0


Tuesday, September 19

  • Robinson def. Mallard Creek, 5-4
  • Lake Norman def. West Charlotte, 6-0
  • Harding def. Berry, 4-1
  • Myers Park def. Butler, 3-1
  • Porter Ridge def. Independence, 1-0
  • Olympic def. West Meck, 8-0
  • Hickory Ridge def. Rocky River, 4-1
  • South Meck def. Ardrey Kell, 3-0


Wednesday, September 20

  • Providence def. West Meck, 9-0
  • Mallard Creek def. Hopewell, 6-0
  • Hough def. North Meck, 4-0
  • Vance def. West Charlotte, 10-1
  • Myers Park def. Hickory Ridge, 10-1
  • East Meck def. Rocky River, 2-1
  • Forest Hills def. Olympic, 4-2
  • South Meck def. Berry, 9-0
  • Mooresville def. Lake Norman, 1-0

Thursday, September 21

  • Ardrey Kell def. Harding, 9-0
  • Independence def. Butler, 5-1


Saturday, September 23

  • Hough def. South Meck, 4-0


CMS volleyball teams commenced another week of intense competition including a couple days of conference play. Make sure your up-to-date on your favorite teams! Read below for a list of scores. To report a missing score, please email


Monday, September 18

  • JM Robinson def. Rocky River, 3-0
  • North Meck def. West Meck, 3-0


Tuesday, September 19

  • Hickory def. Porter Ridge, 3-0
  • Butler def. East Meck, 3-0
  • Myers Park def. Independence, 3-0
  • Hopewell at West Charlotte, No Score Reported
  • Hough def. Vance, 3-0
  • Providence def. South Meck, 3-0
  • Rocky River at Garinger, No Score Reported
  • Berry def. West Meck, No Score Reported
  • Olympic def. Harding, 3-1
  • Mallard Creek def. Mooresville, 3-0
  • Lake Norman def. North Meck, 3-2


Wednesday, September 20

  • Butler def. Olympic, 3-0
  • Stuart Cramer def. South Meck, 3-2
  • Berry at Hopewell, No Score Reported


Thursday, September 21

  • Butler def. Rocky River, 3-0
  • Myers Park def. Garinger, 3-0
  • Hough def. Hopewell, 3-0
  • Hickory Ridge def. Independence, 3-0
  • Providence def. Ardrey Kell, 3-1
  • Porter Ridge at East Meck, No Score Reported
  • Olympic at Berry, No Score Reported
  • Harding at West Meck, No Score Reported
  • North Meck def. Mooresville, 3-1

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