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CMS Athletics Weekly Round Up

03/05/2018, 2:00pm EST
By Staff

Men's Basketball

Four CMS men's basketball teams faced off last week as they continued their race to the NCHSAA State Championship game. Rocky River and Independence came out on top early in the week and secured their place in the West Regional Championship which took place on Saturday, March 3. Independence walked away with the twenty-seven point victory earning their place in the 2018 NCHSAA State Championship! For a list of scores from last week's match-ups, read below:

Tuesday, February 27

  • Rocky River def. Butler, 68-65
  • Independence def. Olympic, 59-52

Saturday, March 3

  • Independence def. Rocky River, 72-45

Women's Basketball

Just two CMS women's basketball teams competed last week on their journey to the NCHSAA State Championships. Ardrey Kell dropped their fourth round game to Northwest Guilford leaving Mallard Creek to face the Vikings in the Regional Championship game on Saturday, March 3. The Mavericks were unable to secure the win, resulting in a final eleven point deficit. Congratulations to all of our CMS women's basketball teams on a phenomenal season! For a complete list of results from last week's match-ups, please read below:

Tuesday, February 27

  • Mallard Creek def. West Forsyth, 66-58
  • Northwest Guilford def. Ardrey Kell, 47-31

Saturday, March 3

  • Northwest Guilford def. Mallard Creek, 61-50


CMS baseball teams commenced their regular season play this week after some poor weather conditions lead to many cancellations. For those teams that did play, we saw several close games that came down to the wire! For a list of this week's baseball results, please read below. To report a missing score, please email

Wednesday, February 28

  • East Meck def. Providence, 4-3
  • Butler def. Olympic, 7-1 

Friday, March 2

  • Northwest Cabarrus def. Rocky River, 13-2
  • Olympic def. Berry, 14-1
  • Providence def. Ardrey Kell, 4-3
  • South Meck def.Hough, 5-4
  • Charlotte Christian def. Independence, 14-12
  • Hopewell def. Mountain Island Charter, 8-1

Saturday, March 3

  • South Meck def. Independence, 11-6
  • Hough def. Butler, 16-11
  • Sun Valley def. Hopewell, 10-0
  • East Meck def. Purnell Swett, 11-1


Just a few CMS softball teams started their regular season play this week after two days of rain lead to many cancellations. We saw several dominating performances into the weekend, and many positive results. For a list of this week's softball results, please read below. To report a missing score please email

Wednesday, February 28

  • Butler def. CATA, 16-3
  • Independence def. Ardrey Kell, 14-3

Friday, March 2

  • Weddington def. South Meck, 6-4
  • Hickory Ridge def. Hopewell, 18-3
  • Providence def. Ardrey Kell, 14-12
  • Hough def. Myers Park, 21-4
  • Glenn def. Mallard Creek, 19-0

Women's Soccer

CMS women's soccer teams saw the most action last week as their seasons got underway. The results were positive for most with eight shut outs on the week. For a list scores and results, please read below. To report a missing score, please email

Wednesday, February 28

  • Garinger def. West Charlotte, 8-0
  • Providence def. East Meck, 4-0
  • Myers Park def. Weddington, 2-1
  • Ardrey Kell def. Porter Ridge, 1-0
  • Northwest Cabarrus def. Hopewell, 9-1
  • Olympic def. Stuart Cramer, 4-0
  • South Meck def. Hough, 1-0

Friday, March 2

  • Cox Mill def. Hough, 2-1
  • Mallard Creek def. AL Brown, 1-0
  • Concord def. West Meck, 9-0
  • Marvin Ridge def. Independence, 6-1
  • Olympic def. South Point, 4-2
  • Ashley def. North Meck, 5-1
  • Fuquay-Varina def. Ardrey Kell, 1-0

Men's Lacrosse

CMS men's lacrosse teams saw just five match-ups on the week. Poor weather conditions and many schedule changes delayed the start for some teams while others faced off against some tough competition. For a list of men's lacrosse results, please read below. To report a missing score, please email

Wednesday, February 28

  • Marvin Ridge def. Providence, 12-5
  • Cuthbertson def. Butler, 11-5

Thursday, March 1

  • Ardrey Kell def. Reagan, 11-6

Friday, March 2

  • Lake Norman Charter def. Independence, 20-4
  • Ardrey Kell def. Butler, 21-7

Women's Lacrosse

The start of CMS women's lacrosse was delayed for some as rain impacted field conditions last week. Just three of our teams competed this week as they looked to start their seasons with a positive result. For a list of this week's women's lacrosse results, please read below. To report a missing score, email

Thursday, March 1

  • Lake Norman def. Hough, 15-7

Friday, March 2

  • Lake Norman Charter def. Independence, 18-10
  • Parkwood def. South Meck, 19-18

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