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Sport Try-Outs

Sport Try-Outs

Attention Parents and Students!!

As we prepare for the 2018 Spring sport season, there are a few important details we would like to share with you. In order to tryout for ANY team the student must have 1. Current physical, 2. Concussion form, and 3. Insurance waiver on file at the school.  these forms are available on this site on the tryouts tab under forms. 

It is the athlete’s responsibility to bring his/her physical complete with doctor’s signature, marked cleared, with a valid date by Friday, Feb. 16th. Physicals are good for one calendar year (365 days) from the date of physical. If you tried out for a team last year, it is possible that the physical is still valid, however it is your responsibility to know the date (or approximate date) of expiration.  The school is in no way responsible for physicals that have expired.  If you question the date, please email Ms. Williams BEFORE FEB 16TH to determine if it is still valid.  

Important Dates:

Paperwork due to Ms. Williams no later than Friday Feb. 16, 2018

Boys and Girls Soccer Tryouts: 2/20, 2/21, 2/22

Baseball Tryouts: 2/20, 2/21, 2/22

Boys and Girls Track Tryouts: 2/22, 2/23, 2/26

Tryouts for all sports are: 4:15 - 6:30pm (Immediately after school). Times may vary based on teams, coaches will announce changes on the first day of tryouts.

Please bring proper attire for your sport and a T-shirt that coaches can write on, in permanent marker! We do not suggest anyone purchase sport specific equipment until your son or daughter makes the team.  

Games (typically) will be on Mondays and Wednesdays @ 5:00pm, for girls and boys soccer (boys and girls will alternate first games), and baseball.  The second game will start approximately 10 minutes after the first game ends. Track meets are held on Thursdays, also at 5pm.  There are exceptions to the baseball and soccer schedules based on need for officials and non-school days/early release days. Schedules are set by the district athletics department, and the school does not have control of the days on which they are held.  

Unique to the spring season, everyone does not try out on the same day.  If you tryout for soccer or baseball, and do not make a team, the student becomes eligible to tryout for the track team.  All paperwork is submitted for the first team, and check in with Ms. Williams is the only additional requirement to tryout for track.  A student athlete may only be on one team at Crestdale Middle per season.  

 *   All physicals, concussion, AND insurance forms MUST be turned in prior to the first day of try-outs; without all completed forms, students will be asked to leave and return only when completed. 
 *   A physical is only good for one calendar year.

 *   The physical must be signed and dated by the physician, and marked cleared for athletics

*The front office cannot accept faxes of physicals or paperwork on the day paperwork is due or the day of tryouts

 *   Parents MUST fill out family history on the physical forms.
 *   Transportation must be arranged beforehand, please ensure all students are picked up no later than 6:30pm. Calls home on the day of tryouts will not be permitted.
 *   Try-out attire: PE clothes and a shirt that can be written on in permanent marker.

*    We recommend that you do not purchase new equipment until you  have made a team
 *   In order to be eligible students must have a minimal of a 2.0 GPA from semester 1 of the 2017-2018 school year.

*     There is not a fee to tryout, only once a student makes a team will they be asked to pay the participation fee, and instructions will be sent home with the student athlete on how that can be done. 

What do I do at Track and Field Tryouts?

If you are unsure about whether you should try out for the Crestdale Wildcat Track and field team, here is a quick run down of what we will do day by day of tryouts! It doesn't matter if you are going out for the girls team or the boys team, the track and field teams at Crestdale are one family, and do everything together!

Thursday Feb. 22, 2017 – 1st day:  We will thoroughly stretch as a group, and each individual will run a 400 m (1 time around the track) and a 100 m dash for time.  Tryout end time: 6:15-6:30 Depending on the total number going out

After tryouts, please make sure you stretch- injuries, pulls and tears can happen if you do not properly warm-up or cool down.  

Friday Feb. 23, 2018 – 2nd day: We will run a mile for anyone interested in being a distance runner.  Athletes will be split into 4 ‘field event’ groups where they will rotate and try out the different field events: long jump, high jump, hurdles and throwing. This is to see if anyone has raw talent in any of these areas (many athletes have never had the opportunity to try these events before raw athleticism and the ability to be coached will play a role here).Tryout end time: 6:30.

Monday Feb. 26 , 2018 –  final day:  Depending on what we see on Thursday and Friday, this day will be used to run 200 m dashes (half way around the track) and 800 m runs (two laps) as needed. Also, additional time will be allotted for field events that we may need to see. Tryout end time: 6:15 / 7:00 if the athlete makes the team.

  • Cuts:  Cuts will be made on Monday Feb. 26th 2018. If you make the team you will have some additional paperwork to complete and will be done around 7:00 pm.  Cuts are based on times/distances, areas of need and overall attitude.
  • We expect a commitment to our team. Track meets will be held on Thursdays. We practice every day after school until 6:15.

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