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NCAA Information

Mrs. Rebecca White has many years of experience dealing with NCAA questions. She is our Career Development Coordinator, in our guidance office. 


For any NCAA eligibility questions please contact Rebecca White at 980-343-1341 ext. 5785 or

Free Recruiting Webinar

This is a very important webinar for anyone interested in competing at the next level. So many requirements have changed. When it asks if our school has a membership for corecourse, the answer is yes.

Core Course GPA

About is web-based software that allows school counselors, coaches, parents and student-athletes to easily track a student-athlete's progress towards meeting NCAA Eligibility Center requirements (formerly NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse) for both Division I and Division II. generates a detailed "Initial-Eligibility Status Report" which provides the student/parent, coach or counselor with both the Division I and Division II core course GPA as well as corresponding minimum required SAT and ACT scores and a complete listing of the number of core course credits satisfied and the number to be completed. manages the varying NCAA initial-eligibility standards for each graduationg class, including the Divsion I changes for the class of 2016 and the Division II changes for the class of 2018.