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Myers Park Athletic Training

HOC Bus Schedule

Click the link to access the bus schedule for Heart of a Champion Day!


 June 1, 2019

Registration is open April 29th - May 26th!

What is Heart of a Champion Day? (HOC)

Heart of a Champion is a FREE PHYSICAL with EKG for rising 10th, 11th, and 12th grade student athletes provided by Atrium Health. Students sign up during the open period, typically in April-May. The students show up to their respective school and are taken to HOC by bus for their physical at their school's designated time. First timers with HOC receive an EKG and echocardiogram if warranted. Returning students will receive scans if it is deemed necessary by our medical providers. HOC could not be pulled off without our wonderful volunteers and sponsors. 

For the most up to date information and registration click here

UPDATE: Myers Park is scheduled for 10:15 am -- more info to follow on what time to be at the school! 

No More Treatments During School Day

Due to logistics and abuse of the system there will no longer be treatments available during the school day. Please come and see us in the athletic training room after school starting at 2:15. I reserve the right to adjust this on a case by case basis which can be discussed via email:

Athletic Training Coverage Provided By:

Atrium Health supplies Athletic Trainers to Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools ensuring student safety on the field, court and their everyday life.

Myers Park Sports Medicine Staff

Danielle Gemignani, MS, LAT, SCAT, ATC

Certified Athletic Trainer, Head
Atrium Health
(704) 249-7615
Matthew Hancock,  LAT, ATC
Certified Athletic Trainer, Assistant

School Information

Myers Park High School

2400 Colony Rd

Charlotte, NC 28210

Phone: 980/343-5800

Fax: 980/343-5803

MPathtraining Danielle Gemignani MS LAT ATC MPathtraining

Athletic Training Forms FAQ

In your eligibility packet the last few forms can be pretty confusing, here's the most common questions..If this does not answer your question don't hesitate to email Danielle at the address listed above. And yes, your physical HAS to be on this form, the state will audit us and we get in trouble if no!

Why do I have to sign this now if you've been treating my kids for years? Through the agreement between CMS and Atrium Health, these forms were put into place to prevent any types of liability issues to protect both the safety of our student athlete and of our Athletic Trainer. 

I prefer Novant facilities, why would I sign this? The Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) at Myers Park HS is an employee of Atrium Health and this form is referring to that, medical facility preference should be noted on the Sports Medicine form. Your child will not be sent to a facility that you do not want them sent to.

Why should I sign a release of my child’s health records? This form is the most confusing, the areas highlighted in teal are the only portions that need to be filled in. This form allows the ATC to communicate on the behalf of you and your family to the coach, guidance office, and teachers regarding an injury sustained by your child. Our ATC does NOT have access to your health records, solely the records reported from medical treatment for said injury. 

What is an Athletic Trainer?

Provide "Athletic Training Services"* to student athletes under the direction of the team physician or by written referral from a physician, and in accordance with state athletic training practice act.

  • Maintain appropriate general treatment orders to be reviewed annually and approved by the team physician.
  • Provide athletic training services for all home athletic contests and away varsity football games. If a conflict arises between an away varsity football game and a home contest,
    the varsity football event will supersede.
  • Act as liaison between family physicians and specialists, the school district, athletes and their parents.
  • Maintain accurate records of injuries, treatments and provide insurance claim forms for sports injuries treated by a physician.
  • Develop and maintain a budget for the athletic training program.
  • Schedule and be present for pre-participation sports physicals.
  • Provide the coaches and athletic director with a list of athletes medically eligible to compete under district and state rules and regulations.
  • Assist the athletic director as requested.

*Athletic Training Services: The management and provision of care of injuries to a physically active person as defined in the state practice act with the direction of a licensed physician. The term includes the rendering of emergency care, development of injury prevention programs and
providing appropriate preventative and devices for the physically active person. The term also includes the assessment, management, treatment, rehabilitation and recondition of the physically active person whose conditions are within the professional preparation and education of a
certified athletic trainer. The term also includes the use of modalities such as mechanical stimulation, heat, cold, light, air, water, electricity, sound, massage and the use of therapeutic exercises, reconditioning exercise and fitness programs.

Concussion Info

Link to information on the Gfeller Waller Concussion Awareness Act, legislation passed after the tragic death of two young men following brain injuries. Doctor must fill out these forms in order for the school to make academic modifications while out with a concussion, a letter WILL NOT SUFFICE.

How are we doing?

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Team Physician Info

You can contact Danielle for assistance booking appointments with the following medical providers: 




Sports Medicine and Injury Care- Randolph

Dr. David Price

Dr. Anthony Martin

3030 Randolph Rd Charlotte NC

Call 704/863-4878



Dr. Jim Fleischli (Sports Medicine)

Matt Dobler, PA-C (Sports Medicine) 

Dr. Chris Chadderdon (Hand)

Dana Dempsey, PA-C (Hand)


1915 Randolph Rd Charlotte NC

704/323-3000 (Main line to OC) 




Dr. Keith Anderson


Cotswold Medical Clinic

200 Greenwich Rd Charlotte NC 28211


Sports Med Class Links

Check the twitter for the #BodyPartOfTheDay for some extra points!

Click here for your class website on Edmodo