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South Meck Parking

**Parking Update

Parking is currently closed and all outstanding applications have been placed on the waiting list. As spaces become available throughout the year students will be notified and given instructions on how to proceed with obtaining a parking pass. Your place on the waiting list was/will be determined by the time stamp on your application. 


Jose Garcia

Parking Coordinator

Parking Information

This is the official website for all South Mecklenburg High School parking information.  The website will be updated throughout the school year.  Please check back for more information related to parking on the South Mecklenburg campus.


Parking Guidelines




Eligibility Requirements for Parking Permit Application: 

  • Applicant must be a junior or senior in the fall of 2019.  For all courses completed in the second semester of 2018-2019, the student must have failed no more than one (1) course and have a minimum of a 2.0 weighted GPA.  Student must not have excessive absences and/or tardies (10 or more unexcused).  Students with disciplinary issues at school, tier 2 and above, may be denied parking permits. These requirements must be maintained for second semester or parking privileges may be revoked.
  • Additionally, ALL financial obligations to South Meck must have been paid prior to submitting the application.  You may not have any outstanding parking tickets on the vehicles that you are registering from prior years.
  • Applications will not be accepted from students that do not have a valid driver’s license.  Students who obtain a license later in the year will submit an application for consideration as spaces become available.
  • Parking permits not picked up by September 2, 2019 will be reissued and refunds will NOT be given.


Loss of Parking Privileges:

  • The use of a motor vehicle on campus is a privilege that may be limited or revoked at any time.  Any school administrator may revoke or suspend a student’s driving/parking privilege as a result of but not limited to the following:
    • Tardiness to class or school
    • Repeated parking violations
    • Moving violations
    • Reckless driving
    • Leaving school without permission
    • Any other disciplinary issues, ISS or OSS


Application Procedure:

  • The Google form must be completed online and a copy of your license and registration (signed by both parent and student) either uploaded as a PDF or turned into the main office.  We will not accept faxes or scans as they might not be completely readable.  Do not email a picture.
  • Applications will be accepted beginning June 25th through August 12th.  Those applications will be processed first and given priority for spaces available.                                                                                                                                           
  • All seniors who apply and are eligible will be given first priority.  Juniors who apply and are eligible will then follow.  If there are not enough spaces to accommodate all applicants, they will be selected randomly for spaces available.
  • CPCC and Early Release will NOT guarantee you a parking permit.
  • Once you have been approved for a parking permit, you will receive an email that you are approved and you will then go to the South Meck website and pay the fee using Online School Payments.  If you pay prior to getting approval, you will not be issued a refund.
  • Permits will be available for pick-up in August.  The time and dates will be posted on the South Meck Parking website.  You will be required to show your driver’s license to pick it up and proof of payment.  If you are unable to pick-up your permit, a parent may do so with their driver’s license.  It must be the parent listed on the application.


Parking Regulations

  • Parents and students must certify that they are aware of and have viewed the South Meck Parking regulations before applying and periodically during the year as they may be amended at any time as needed. 


The parking application for the 2019-2020 school year will be on a google form.  You must fill out the form for each car you plan to register up to a maximum of three cars.  It is imperative that you read and follow the instructions so that your application will be accepted.  A copy of your drivers license and registration may either be downloaded on the google application or turned into the main office in order to be considered.  It must also be signed by both student and parent to be valid.  The signature indicates that you accept and agree to follow the guidelines for parking.

The form must be filled out completely for it to be submitted and accepted.  You will not be notified of incomplete forms submitted.

Any vehicle that the student might drive on campus must be registered.  A student may only list three (3) vehicles at a time.  If a vehicle is no longer able to be driven, please notify Mr. Garcia by email to remove that vehicle.  If there is a change in the vehicle driven and/or license plate, you must notify Mr. Garcia by email 24 hours prior to driving the vehicle on campus.  The car must also be registered using the google form application.  Upon arriving on campus, a copy of the vehicle registration must be left in the main office for Mr. Garcia with the student’s name and signatures of both the student and parent or it can be submitted on the google form.  Failure to do so may result in the car being ticketed and booted.

By submitting an application:

We acknowledge that we have read and understand the South Mecklenburg High School Student Parking Regulations that are posted on the South Mecklenburg High School Website under Parking.  We understand that any violation of the conditions set forth in these regulations may result in the termination of this parking privilege and may also result in appropriate disciplinary action by school administration, the car being towed off campus at the owner’s expense, booting of the vehicle with payment of appropriate fines prior to removal, and/or legal action in court.  We acknowledge that it may become necessary for school authorities to open, enter and search the vehicle and its contents and to remove any unauthorized articles described in CMS regulations or any articles that may endanger the health, welfare or safety of students or school personnel.  Any such articles may be retained and used as evidence in disciplinary proceedings by school authorities or delivered to appropriate law enforcement officials.  All such action is at the sole discretion of school authorities.  We acknowledge that CMS and SMHS will on no case be liable for any damages to or theft from or theft of vehicles on school property, whether the result of negligence or otherwise, and we hold harmless and release from any and all claims CMS, South Mecklenburg High School, and all agents on their behalf.

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