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Indy Woso 2018 Roster


Alex Andrews, Faith Burrows, Shannon Curtis, Jazmine Draughn, Jenna Eister, Kelsy Esquivel, Nina Frye, Dikchya Gurung, Megan Gottlieb, Holly Hunter, Hope Hunter, Cai Karshner, Mikayla Lamb, Hannah McClain, Cassidy Nelson, Lincy Quezada, Annaliese Shelley, Morgan Short, Devin Simcox, Jenny Solares

Junior Varsity

Madison Ambrose, Sabrina Gotta, Kylie Araujo, Hannah Bedada, Makayla Brown, Estefani Gonzalez, Kaelyn Harris, Maung Pai, Sui Par, Fam Meng, Leslie Ramos, Kimberly Robles, Aiyana Samson, Kalyn Perry, Sanaa Martin, Marittsa Vazquez, Hannah Workman

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    picture of all CMS athletic trainings standing together, blue shirts.

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    1967 Patriot Drive
    Charlotte, NC 28227
    (980) 343-6900

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    Tyler Gibson

    Head Coach

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