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Carmel Middle School

CMS 2021-2022 Middle School Ticket to Play

CMS Middle School 2021-2022 Participation Fee Registration

Announcement for sixth grade student athletes

Only rising seventh and eighth grade students are eligible to participate in athletics. Sixth grade students across Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools are prohibited from any involvement or participation of middle school athletics.

Spring Sports Registration and Try-Out Information 2021-2022

Carmel Cougars

Spring Sport(s) Registration and Try-Out Forms for 2021-2022. Now Open.

Read all directions in its entirety for spring sports for tryout forms and registration. Two forms of information must be completed before a student can tryout. See directions below.

Directions: The sign-ups for spring sports will be a two step process. If your student either participated in tryouts for the fall, or is currently playing a sport for a Carmel CMS sanctioned sport team, and you have a current sports physical that is within 365 days of the spring sport you wish to try-out for, then you can skip to step number two, if not, go to step number one.   

Step One:  Click the Blue link at the top of the Carmel page to register your son or daughter for spring sports. Once you click the Blue link scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and sign in or create an account. Then you can complete the online forms. Check off all sports you think your child might participate in when filling out the paperwork. If you complete the registration process correctly, you will receive a confirmation email. Here is the link

Step Two (Try-out Form): If you do not have a current physical that is with-in 365 days you will need to print off the physical form during the registration process on the registration page and bring it with you to the physician's office, or send it to them to complete for you. The DOCTOR/PA must sign the form. Updated physical forms must be submitted to Mr. Hough by the try-out form closing date only! Failure to complete/ submit your tryout form will result in a student(s) not trying out regardless if all other forms are turned in or not. Updated physicals can be turned into either the main office or directly to Mr. Hough. Once the deadline ends, no physicals or other paperwork will be accepted, even if placed in the front office, my school mailbox, or under my office door they will not be accepted if your name does not appear on the try-out form list at closing on February 2, at 4:15pm. See try-out form list link here.

Try-outs: Tryouts will last a minimum of two days and cuts will be posted online using the player's number that will be given to them by the coach on day one. There will be a final cut made and the final team roster will be put online.

Last:  Once the player makes the final roster, you will need to register using the Red link at the top to pay your participation fee. Failure to pay the fee before the first game will result in removal from the team.  See link below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Below:

When are tryouts for spring sports/start times? If you are using a laptop computer it will be to the right of this screen labeled middle school tryout schedule 2021-2022, or if you are using a mobile device it will likely be near the bottom of your screen. You can find the date for each season sports tryout. Typically tryouts will start after school around 4:30 pm. Sometime tryouts on the first day may begin around 4:45 pm.  From the start of your student’s tryout each tryout will last two hours.

When will I know if my child made the team? Tryouts will be posted online using the player's number that will be given to them by the coach on day one. There will be a final cut made and the final team roster will be put online. The posting area will be determined and conveyed to each player by the coach.

When will cheerleading tryouts happen? There are no cheerleading tryouts for the spring season. The fall cheerleading tryouts for cheerleading team will also be the winter cheerleading team unless roster spots needs to be filled. If cheerleading spots come open to be filled, then registered athletes only by doing the parent registration (the Blue form) will be accepted. If spots need to be filled, registered athletes with a valid physical on file will be given the opportunity to tryout if needed. If there is no word from the AD regarding try-outs then no spots will need to be filled.

How will I confirm that my registration and tryout forms have been submitted?  If you complete(d) the registration process correctly, the Blue form, you will receive a confirmation email. As far as the try-out form confirmation, you will receive confirmation that your form has been received once you submit, plus you will receive a copy of your response via email. If you hear from the athletic director this will mean you are missing some piece of information or something needs to be updated. Usually, if something is missing, you’ll hear something from the athletic director with-in three days of the try-out. If you do Not hear anything from athletic director then you are good to go for tryouts. In the event that a confirmation does not match the athletic director’s records, I will go with the submitted student athlete’s name only,

What is the spring sports clinic on Thursday, February 10? This sports clinic is for coaches only.

Where can I find the spring sports schedule for soccer/baseball? If you are using a laptop computer it will be to the right of this screen labeled Carmel baseball/soccer schedule 2021-2022 or if you are using a mobile device it will likely be near the bottom of your screen.

Where is the track/field schedule? Track and field will be TBA. Typically this means one or more schools may or may not have a team or a safe track surface. As a result, the reshuffling of teams may occur. Sometimes this may also mean playing outside of the usual southern conference play. The schedule for track is normally determined when all middle school athletic directors meet to form our schedules based on who has a team, or has a safe doable activity surface. The track/field schedules will be put out at least three days before the first meet.

Does Carmel have a cross-country team? No, Carmel does not have a cross-country team. No CMS middle school has cross-country in Charlotte-Mecklenburg County. The South Park Youth Association whom we have a long standing relationship with does have a cross country team that shares our fields as we are partners.

For any questions not already answered contact athletic director Cordell Hough at

Carmel Cougars 2019-2020 Southern Conference Football Champions!

Congratulations to the Carmel   football team under the guidance of long time assistant and now head football coach, Jeff Mobley.   Coach Mobley led a well disciplined team to a 7-0 season in his very first season as head coach   making a tremendous impact on the Carmel football community.              


On Sunday, December 15 student-athletes from Carmel Middle School either received a plaque or was recognized by the 2019 Greater Charlotte Awards Banquet sponsored by South Charlotte Sports Report. Yauri Hatcher and Taylor Purgason (not pictured) were recognized for being finalist for the cheerleader of the year award and the cheer leadership award. Yauri Hatcher received a plaque for being co selected for the cheer leadership award for all middle schools cheer in the Charlotte and greater Charlotte areas. Bishop Boswell and Thomas Wilson were selected for player of the year and leadership athlete of the year finalist awards for middle school. Thomas Wilson received the leadership award for this years leadership athlete of the year award. Congratulations to our student-athletes!

Carmel Cougars Tutorial for Completing Online Registration

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