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Is my child pretending to be sick?

It’s time to get ready for school, but your child is dragging her feet. She says she’s sick. He also, coincidentally, has a big test today. Is she really sick, or is she just faking it? Let us help you look for signs that your child might just be pretending to be ill.

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Why does my child get so many nosebleeds?

Your child is playing outside when he suddenly starts crying and holding his nose. Or you go to wake him up and there’s blood on his pillow. He gets nosebleeds, and it seems like he gets several of them a week. But what is causing your child to have them, and should you be worried?

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3 possible causes for a child's stuffy nose

Your child has been having difficulty breathing and their nose is always stuffy. You don’t think they have a cold, but what else might be causing problems?

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How do throat lozenges work?

You wake up one morning and it hurts to swallow. Maybe you’re sick, or maybe you spent the previous day screaming and cheering for your favorite sports team. Either way, you have a sore throat and you need some relief. Will throat lozenges work? And how do they even work, anyway?

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