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Booster Club


Developing student-athletes to reach their full potential both academically and athletically by providing sound lessons on the field of play through teamwork, leadership, sportsmanship, competition, and commitment.

The objectives of the North Mecklenburg Athletic Booster Club shall be:

  • To promote the interests of the North Meck High School Athletic Program.
  • To create and uphold a feeling of fellowship in the North Meck High School community.
  • To enthusiastically boost and support all North Mecklenburg High School activities.
  • To recognize North Meck High School athletes' accomplishments through a student recognition/scholarship program.


The North Mecklenburg Athletic Booster Club is a Non-Profit Corporation (filed 11-10-03) led by a Board of officers, committee chairs, and general members.  The purpose of the organization is to support the athletic program at North Mecklenburg High School through fundraising, publicity, and fostering sportsmanship and team spirit.  Our goals are:

  1. Provide our teams the equipment, training, and supplies necessary to be competitive

  2. Retain strong financial controls to ensure all funds are transparent and accountable

  3. Work with all organizations at North Meck to promote a team approach to the school’s success.


The Booster Club Board meets monthly throughout the school year and is comprised of the following positions.

  • Officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Athletic Director
  • Chairs: Communication, Concessions, Finance, Fundraising, Membership, Merchandise, Scholarship, Sponsorship


Concessions from basketball and football games are one of the major revenue sources. The Booster Club manages the concession programs. For each dollar in concession sales, typically:

  • 60¢ cost of goods and taxes
  • 25¢ general booster account
  • 15¢ concession volunteers’ team account

The Booster Club also manages all banners and sponsor signage at our athletic venues.

Fundraising is a key element to producing competitive teams. It takes the combined energy of the Booster Club, parents, athletes, staff, alumni, and community to meet our yearly budget.

The Booster Club usually has capital expenses each year for the benefit of the athletic program such as new mowing equipment or training equipment. Additionally, typical yearly expenses are shown to the right.

The Board allocates a large portion of yearly revenues to our sports teams based on a funding formula which includes the size of the team and other metrics.

Financial Controls
Each event where money is collected, the money is counted by multiple people at opening and closing of the event. A reconciliation sheet with signatures is provided with the deposit. The Treasurer publishes a monthly Income Statement and Balance Sheet that the Board compares to the yearly budget.

The Booster Club has an expense process that includes independent review of all requests for reimbursement.

Each team also does fundraising for their general expenses and the Booster Club manages each team account which is overseen by the Treasurer and the Booster Board. The team accounts are managed separately from the Booster Club general account.

Board Members

President - Rosalind Pettway

Vice President - Rob Dunn

Secretary - Ann Todd

Treasurer - Clinton Ish



Communications - TBD

Concessions - Dave Casavecchia Sr. & Rosalind Pettway

Finance - Clinton Ish

Fundraising - TBD

Membership - TBD

Merchandise - Ann Todd

Scholarship - TBD

Sponsorship - TBD

Upcoming Events

Booster Club Board Meetings (7:00pm)

Tuesday, August 17th

Tuesday, September 21st

Tuesday, October 19th

Wednesday, November 17th

Wednesday, December 15th

Wednesday, January 19th

Wednesday, February 16th

Wednesday, March 16th

Tuesday, April 19th

Tuesday, May 17th

Tuesday, June 21st

Tuesday, July 19th

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