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Our Mission


The East Mecklenburg Athletic Booster Club is a charitable, nonprofit organization which promotes, supports, and enhances East Mecklenburg High School athletics, with emphasis on the importance of keeping a proper relationship and balance between scholastic and athletic endeavors.  Through the volunteer efforts of its members, the East Mecklenburg High School Athletic Booster Club provides financial support, builds community relations, and promotes academic excellence.


  • To promote the interests of East Mecklenburg High School (“EMHS”) through its athletic programs.
  • To promote and encourage physical fitness, good sportsmanship, and character development amongst EMHS students and their families.
  • To promote school spirit by encouraging student participation and attendance in all athletic events, in turn fostering a strong sense of pride amongst students, athletes, coaches, staff, parents, and alumni.
  • To encourage student, parent and community participation in the athletic program.
  • To create a feeling of fellowship and uphold a positive relationship in the EMHS community.
  • To promote a good working relationship with the Athletic Director, coaches, school administration and staff.
  • To aid and assist the athletic program by organizing projects, fundraisers, concessions and other special events which shall promote and support EMHS Athletics.