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Wells Fargo Stories

Easy, fun, and free financial skills courses for you and your family

Whether you're a parent, a student, or a mature adult; a homeowner or a business owner; a first-time employee or a recent retiree; use the Hands on Banking program to gain the knowledge and skills you need to manage money to your best advantage.

The Hands on Banking program is free, fun, and easy to use. Use it to take charge of your financial future with money skills you need for life!

Available in both Spanish and English, the Hands on Banking program is offered free on the Internet for adults, young adults, and school-aged children without commercial content or product placement.

Financial tools & information
The Hands on Banking program provides the essentials of financial education, real-world skills, and knowledge everyone can use, including how to:

  • Use tools, such as a spending plan, to make the most of your money
  • Protect yourself financially from identity theft and other scams
  • Use credit wisely to build a good credit score and avoid too much debt
  • Create a financial future through saving, investing, and building wealth
  • Learn more about preparing for college
  • Start, manage, and grow a small business while maximizing the chance of success

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Getting Started
What is money, where it comes from, and how it works. The basic skills and tools you’ll need to manage your finances and reach your goals. How to keep track of your money and protect yourself financially.

Save, Invest & Build Wealth
Explore how savings, assets, and investments can help you create and take advantage of life’s opportunities. The basics of investing and how to get started. Discover how insurance can help protect you financially.

Earnings $
Consider which career is right for you. Useful information about finding a job, reading and depositing your paycheck, and making the most of your job benefits. Includes a special section on starting a business of your own.

All About Credit
How credit works, how it can benefit you, and risks to watch out for. Essential info about credit cards, loans, how to build credit, your credit score and credit report. How to avoid (or deal with) the problem of too much debt.

Spending Smart
Helpful tips to make the most of your money. How to take control of your finances with your own spending plan. Learn to be a savvy shopper – whether it’s everyday purchases, cell phone service, a car, or an apartment.

School & $
By investing in yourself with higher education, you can increase your earning power! Learn how to find the money you’ll need. The basics of savings plans, grants, scholarships, work-study and loans. Loaded with money management tips!